Chefman produces a variety of kitchen appliances, including toasters, hand mixers, and several models of coffee makers. The Chefman product line of coffee makers is not a particularly large one however. Their latest models, the ones you are most apt to find in the stores, are the Chefman 4 Cup Switch Coffee Machine and the Chefman My Barista Single Serve Coffee Maker. Both have their pros and cons, and it both instances it is fair to say you will get what you pay for.

The Chefman 4 Cup Switch Coffee Machine

If you are looking for an inexpensive coffee maker, Chefman’s 4 Cup Switch model can be a decent choice. It cannot be said to produce great coffee, which reusable coffee cup would be asking a lot for a product selling for just under $30, and it is therefore not an appliance you would want to give as a gift to a true coffee aficionado. It does brew up to 4 cups of good-tasting coffee however.

This particular model runs the gamut from one to five stars in the ratings game, with the cons slightly outnumbering the pros. The primary reason is threefold, the water takes longer to heat up than is the case with most comparable coffee makers, the water is not as hot as some would like it to be to bring out the best flavor, and the carafe has a tendency to drip and spill.

It is probably worth noting that there are a number of brands and models on the market that produce an excellent brew, but the carafe is poorly designed or has a tendency to spill. In other words, the Chefman 4 Cup model has some company.

What this coffee maker definitely has going for it is the price. The Keep-Hot warming plate is a nice feature too, as is the reusable filter. If you should have a problem with the machine itself, it is backed up by a 3-year warranty and Chefman’s customer service has a good reputation. In this price range however, Black and Decker or Mr. Coffee might be better choices.

Chefman My Barista Single Serve Coffee Maker

If more coffee making companies could put the same quality into their multi-cup machines as they manage put into their single cup machines, this would be a happier coffee-drinking world. Some do of course, but the simple fact is, most single serve coffee makers make better tasting coffee than do their multi-cup cousins. This is definitely true with Chefman’s My Barista model.

First of all, My Barista is attractive, if not downright cute! It is fast. It could well be the fastest single cup server on the market, as it takes only about 15 or 20 seconds to start filling your cup or mug. It is also a very quiet little appliance.

The My Barista can brew a cup of coffee from grounds or from a K-Cup. The Q-cup is recommended if you want to get the very best taste. The K-cup holder is removable for brewing a cup from grounds. The My Barista will accept both 8 oz. and 10 oz. cups, but not all mugs will fit. Tea can be brewed as well.

The single-serve My Barista is on an equal footing with its Keurig and Bunn counterparts as far as the brew it produces is concerned, and since it sells at about half the price, it can be a better choice. Curiously, this single serve maker has only a 1-year warranty, whereas the 4-cup model, which more cheaply made and more trouble prone, has a 3-year warranty. Perhaps its small size and extreme portability has something to do with it.

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