The modern day carwash is a production marvel in manufacturing process. Indeed, it is an efficient machine, but with that said nothing goes perfectly right 100% of the time. And with humans involved operating the equipment and the business something is bound to go wrong eventually, something always does and it hardly matters what type of business it is.

Now a carwash is a lot safer than it looks, but you are still going to need to protect this little cash cow of yours. And that means you need a wise risk Carwash services management policy as well as a good bit of insurance, just in case. So, what are the most common accidents at car washes? What are the biggest types of lawsuits? What kind of damage is common? And are there any accidents that might include a death?

Well, there are many serious issues that plague carwash owners from time to time. There are folks who attempt to play “slip and fall” games and sue, perhaps these fraud suits makes sense to these perpetrators since there is water around and they can fake a fall quite easily. Then there is the uncommon occurrence of a run-away car that gets away, and there have been deaths, 8 that I know of over the last few years usually involving Grand Jeep Cherokees.

Automatic un-attended carwashes have been known to catch people in the mechanism, although uncommon it happens, the last one I heard about last month was a mangled homeless guy who decided to sleep inside of a car wash. Carwash mechanism can also damage cars, but often such problems are never turned into the insurance company. Cars with over size tires or issues can jump the tracks and end up pulled into the equipment.

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