Online business card printing services make it easy for people to print and design their own business cards. It’s often as simple as choosing a template from among hundreds, and adding your personal information. This is great if you don’t mind using a template that hundreds of other people might also have. But what if you want something unique, you need to create custom business cards.

Custom Business Cards and Pre-Designed Templates

Pre-designed templates are quick and convenient. When you use a template, you can have your business card created and ready to print in less than an hour. And this is a top selling point used by many online business card Printer Nearby services. If you’re in a hurry and not concerned with creating custom business cards, then a pre-designed template will work. Just remember that pre-designed templates limit your creativity. You can’t use unique fonts, and your color choices are limited. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because sometimes less is more when it comes to business cards. But no matter how good a pre-designed template is, it’s not unique to you.

A Blank Template is Your Canvas

The best way to create and print a custom business card is by using a blank template. Most online business card printers have blank templates for a variety of design programs. You simply download the blank template for your program, and build the design for your unique business card on top of it.

When you finish with the design, you then upload it to the printing service you’re using. But you can only use the blank template with the service that provided it. So if you create custom business cards using a blank template from printer A, you can’t upload the design for printer B to print.



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