The market for NFL replica jerseys is better at some time of year than others, and May is a fantastic time to profit from it.

Want to know the simple reason..?

The NFL Draft.

As the NFL teams pick their players from the college ranks to join them for the coming season, the hype and anticipation reaches fever pitch.
It’s a real thing for football fans to look forward to in the middle of the off season.
Once the picks have been made, the fans take over, and rush to buy replica jerseys the jerseys with the names on.

Who will be the first to get the new player jersey, and be able to show it off to their jealous friends?

There are 3 main ways to profit from this huge demand.

The first way is to be an affiliate.
There are several big websites out there selling the official jerseys, who offer an affiliate programme.
You sign up for free, send traffic to their site, and if anyone buys, you get a percentage commission.
This can be a no-cost way to make profit, with no need to set up websites.
The downside is that you only get a small share of the profits, and while they can add up, you are competing with all the other affiliates.

The second method is to sell the jerseys yourself.

You could maybe negotiate a bulk purchase, and then set up your own site.
This method does give all the profits to you, but has 2 drawbacks which put me off – the fact that you have to set up and maintain the website amid fierce competition, and the fact that you have to make upfront investment, i.e. stock.

The third method, and this is the one I prefer, is to provide information.

Information can be provided and distributed for nothing with today’s internet technology, and as a result, the market, in this case the NFL fans, can see your information readily.
How about providing information about how they could earn extra money to pay for their jerseys for free?
Do you think they would be interested?

You bet they would, and it’s this method I use.



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