Whether your business is just starting out or has been established for quite some time, chances are you’re interested in finding out ways you can save your business money. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners might think there are few ways to save money in today’s economy, but in reality there are many ways businesses can save money and make their dollars stretch even more.

One of the ways you can save your business money is to purchase refurbished telecom equipment. Every business can stand to save money NEC PBX System on telecom equipment, but saving money on telecom equipment is especially smart for businesses with several employees as there are more employees using the telephones and therefore more need for telecom equipment.

Understand the Meaning of “Refurbished”

Not everyone is keen to purchase refurbished electronics like refurbished telecom equipment, and a lot of this hesitation comes from a lack of understanding. Many people believe items that are refurbished are defective, and this simply isn’t the case.

When you see a refurbished electronic for sale, it means the customer who originally purchased the item returned it to the store or manufacturer because:


  • The customer decided he or she simply didn’t want the item. If you’ve ever returned an item, you know the reasons for this can vary from realizing you’ve purchased the wrong product to deciding you want a different color.
  • The customer found there was an issue with the way the item functioned. Generally, these issues are minor and the customer simply returns the item in order to exchange it for a new one.


When manufacturers receive returned items, they obviously can’t put them back on the shelves until they’ve made sure the item is working properly – this includes items that were returned for reasons such as the customer changed his or her mind. The manufacturers will inspect the item, make any repairs necessary to have the item properly functioning again, and then resell the item.

Because they can’t resell the items as “new” – even if the item was returned merely because the customer changed his or her mind – they resell them as “refurbished” at a much lower cost, so, buying refurbished electronics helps save businesses money!

Using Refurbished Telephones in Your Business

Used and refurbished telephones can provide your business with dependable telecom solutions as well as save your business money.

Certain refurbished telecom equipment, such as certain used Nortel phone systems, offer multiple lines and an a wide range of features such as built-in hands-free communications. Other kinds of refurbished telecom equipment, like used Norstar phone systems, provide features such as access to multiple memory buttons, many of which include multi-segment icons.

Don’t Forget the Refurbished Telecom Cards!

You can find refurbished telecom cards, such as refurbished Nortel equipment, that serve a variety of purposes for businesses. Businesses can find refurbished telecom cards such as digital line cards that facilitate digital sets and allow them to communicate with the phone switch as well as analog line cards that function in the same ways with analog phones and devices such as polycom conference phones and modem-line and fax machines.


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