In the play Master Class, the famous opera diva, Maria Callas tells her students, “If you want to be an opera star, your voice may not be enough. You have to have a ‘look’. Get a Look!” We say, as a luxury real estate marketing professional you not only need a look, you need a brand that conveys the essence of who you are, what you stand for and also the extraordinary value you have to offer. Your personal brand must have impact. It must enable you to sharply stand out from your competition.

In the new competitive landscape of Web 2.0, if you want to have a dominant share of the marketplace, your website must have a distinctive look, too. The real shift that is occurring today in the luxury polanco mexico city real estate profession is the transition from being a salesperson to becoming a marketing expert. When personal marketing is done right, it is the process of attracting and maintaining ideal clients. When marketing a luxury home it is the process of attracting the perfect client to the right home. In both cases, your website is now the most important marketing tool you have. You need to become a master of the internet! Or, at least your assistants do.

Getting potential clients to visit your website is only a fraction of what it takes to master the internet. You only have a nano second to make your first impression before they click away. Your luxury real estate website has to be on par with that of any luxury brand. You have to have the look, the feel, and the depth that Gucci has, for instance. You must have an original story, your own story. You must connect with the individuals who comprise your target market.

Gucci is not meant here to be the standard, it is just an example. Whatever luxury brand you identify with, model it, but don’t copy it. Although, some people maintain that imitation is the best form of flattery, forget it! Be your own brand. Get a look. But, most importantly, be original!

Ron and Alexandra Seigel are the managing partners of Napa Consultants, International the leading luxury real estate marketing firm, specializing in web design, personal branding, and company branding. Gain the competitive edge in your luxury real estate marketplace.

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